Chili Lime Peanut sauce - 200ml

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Dr. Octopussy's Smoking Burn-out Chili Lime Peanut Sauce

FIRST BATCH SALE 1€ discount because packaging (label & shrink wrap) is not perfect and is sometimes only 190ml in stead of 200ml (filling issue) BUT no worries: the sauce is epic and we have been working on this recipe for about 6 years!

Inspired by Indonesian flavours & travels in Sumatra. This epic sauce adds flavour & heat to all your favourite foods. A must try with chicken, fish, veggies, rice, salads or use as a marinade!

Most important ingrediënts: fresh chili, roasted peanuts, fresh lime juice, Jerry's spicemix, Urfa chili flakes,...

200ml - 6.8 oz


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  • Netherlands & Germany: fix price of 10€ per order
  • Rest EU: fix price of 20€ per order
  • Rest of the world: fix price of 50€ per order
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