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Our Ingredients

Through my company I fulfill my lifelong passion for food.
We are aware that not everything is as it needs to be. Step by step we improve our processes and try to work more inclusive & planet friendly. From buying ingredients to production and distribution.
Finding more local ingredients, drawing out the import trades, reducing food waste and our own carbon foot print is all part of it.
Our ingredients are sourced with great care and thought. We buy local as much as possible and choose for quality above all. On top of all this we work hard to offer you the best prices possible
We build relationships with local producers and traders and are moving toward a more transparent supply chain. Sourcing the exotic ingredients we need is a labyrinth in which we are finding our way. We want consistent quality and decent working conditions for those sourcing these great products. It’s a process, our dream is to create our own import route from small family run farms, if you can help in any way, send us a message!
Chili’s and spices: our fresh chili’s come from Uganda. We are looking into creating a more fundamental and transparent import trade. Learning more about the spice trades is on my to do list.
Vegetables and herbs: we buy local as much as possible and in season. Products from Africa or Asia are mostly fairtrade.
Eggs and dairy: we use free range eggs and dairy from local farmers in Antwerp
Chicken: Belgian, Dutch & French suppliers. No sea freight nor air shipments.
Beef: we very rarely serve beef (never veal) but if we do, only from small farms in Belgium, the Netherlands or France. No sea freight nor air shipments.
Pork: Belgium, France or the Netherlands.
Sheep, goat, lamb: TBC
Fish: mainly North Sea fish
Spices: worldwide, mostly bio certified

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