Easy Mikate Recipe – Congolese Beignets

Watch masterchef Cunga at work while frying up her Congolese beignets. This recipe is easy, quick and tastes great with African dishes and Kinshasa Heat hot sauce. Children can eat these beignets as a snack without the hot sauce and some icing (powdered) sugar.

Crush a cube of fresh yeast with some lukewarm water. Siff in 1 kg of quality plain flour & add a few spoons of casting sugar or vanilla sugar, not all at once. Add a pinch of salt and stir firmly. Taste and add sugar if necessary. Let it rest in a ‘warm’ place with a kitchen towel on top for 2 hours. Heat up the frying oil and make beignets like in the filmfragment or use 2 spoons if that’s easier.

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